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Created in March of 2021, Real-Life-Talk is a curation of daily activities and life experiences. Here you will find posts on topics such as travel, fashion, food, relationships and wellness. But above all love & life.

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Hi – I’m Jess – creator of Real-Life-Talk.com! I’m a 30ish female living in the beautiful city of bridges. There’s a good chance, I bleed black and gold and always will no matter where this journey of life takes me. I love to organize, decorate, travel, sweat, drink wine and bake. And I must add, I can bake a heavenly cupcake with a tower of icing (because that’s the best part). I have a senior beagle mix, Charlie, who holds my heart – nothing beats those big, brown eyes!

I love using this space to shine light on the topics that connect us. I’m so happy you’re here and hope you’ll find something uplifting and amazing!

XOXO ~ Me!

Latest Posts


Hot Cocoa Cookies

Ingredients Steps Yields 3 dozenTastes just like a cup of hot cocoa!


The Simple Things

She said, I don’t want a modelI don’t want a movie starYou don’t have to win the lottoI want you to win my heart She said, I just want someone trueShe said, I just want someone tosmoke with me babeand lay with me babeand laugh with me babeI just want the simple things                              ~ Simplethings… Continue Reading →


Pumpkin Crumb Bread

Bread Ingredients Crumb Topping Ingredients Steps Yields – 2 loaves Slice – Serve – Enjoy!


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