Why I Blog

My mind runs like a constant film reel.  There are hundreds of thoughts swirling at any given moment (some beneficial, some not). I’ve always loved to write and have been told I’m kind of good at it. I also always have a lot to say! But keeping those thoughts to myself seems selfish in a way. There are so many others out there looking for an outlet or for someone or something they can relate to so why not put a few of those swirling thoughts on “paper” and see what happens. Afterall, anything is possible, right?!

And so, begins Real-Life-Talk.com. I’ve created this blog as an outlet to document this crazy thing, we all call life. The topics of life may not always mesh well together, but that’s the great thing about blogging – you can say as much as you want in a single post or say nothing but still say it all. Afterall, a picture is worth 1,000 words, isn’t it? Real-Life-Talk is a curation of posts on topics such as travel, fashion, food, home décor’, relationships and wellness. Basically, all things I love!

We all know there are the ebbs and flows, the sunshine and rain, the fun and the not so fun, smiles and tears. I am not here to tell you to enjoy the journey, bask in the sunshine (although that is my absolute favorite thing on this planet to do…day at the Beach…yes, please!), or the bad times will soon pass. Instead, I want nothing more than this to be an outlet to express real life experiences. We all experience it – so let’s share it! And just maybe spark a light in another along the way. I know we may not always agree and that is fine. No, that is perfect! We are all entitled to our own thoughts but that does not give anyone of us the right to judge. This space will be used to bring awareness, level the playing field, and to share a snapshot into the things that bring me joy. Above all, let’s stay positive and do our best to feel amazing one post at a time.

I am so happy you are here and excited to get started! Grab a beverage of choice (no judgement here) and follow me on a journey of real life talk. Let the journey begin!

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