Springtime Feelings

We’ve sprung forward and the days are getting longer!! Today at 5:37 a.m. officially marked the 1st day of the vernal equinox for 2021. Spring is here (finally)! The snow has melted, the looming gray skies are parting, and the warmer air is upon us. What does all this mean to you? For me it means, open windows, lighter, brighter clothing, way more time outdoors, hearing birds chirping and watching the brown surroundings turn green. And it feels like people get friendlier too! Everyone is in a happy, care-free mood. It’s almost as if we get to experience life again. Everything feels new and fresh.

Not only does Springtime bring feelings related to external aspects of our life, but also our bodies and mind feel and benefit from the change in season. I’m not a medical professional or scientist by any means, but I think we can all agree the vitamin D that comes along with the springtime sunshine adds a little spring to everyone’s step. We all become more motivated again! Our fitness routines can now be moved outdoors. Nothing beats the freeing feeling associated with the first run of the year on your favorite trail. And ever notice how fast your hair and nails grow this time of year? Just like the flowers are starting to peek through the ground, your body is also using this time of year for growth. The sunshine controls everything here on Earth and that includes aspects of your body that you probably never have given much thought to as to why suddenly are becoming healthier.

Personally, not only do the physical aspects of myself become healthier but so does my mind. I genuinely feel happier as the days get longer. Not saying I wasn’t happy before, but the gray, winter days and hours of darkness do take a lot of fun out of life. I take full advantage of the longer days and spend as much time as I possibly can outdoors. My laptop moves from my desk to a picnic table, margaritas are now shared on the patio, and red wine is traded in for chilled, sweet Moscato! Overall, my mood is lighter and brighter as I get to spend quality time outdoors with friends and family.

What does Spring feel like to you? What benefits do you see in your body and mind? Whatever they may be, take time today to get out there and enjoy them. Make the most of the sunshine and allow your body and mind to reap all the benefits it has to offer! And smile in the process (because it has been a long winter)!

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