More than a Coffee Shop

If only these walls could talk – I do wonder what they’d say. They see so much on any given day. All walks of life pass through their doors and occupy their seats. Some arrive bright and early dressed professionally, order a cup and rush away. Others stroll in their cleanest pair of leggings (or a pair from the day before) with a bag packed, find the perfect table and park it for the day. And there’s others who arrive to simply pass time with their friends while gossiping about the latest national headlines or what their neighbor did last night. Regardless of the reason or the time of day, everyone is here to sip coffee and be amongst others. A local coffee shop is a gathering place; a place where a sense of community is felt and a place where you get to see and engage with others whom you’d might never get to meet otherwise.

For years, I dreamt of having a position where I wasn’t chained to a desk inside some secure office building, but instead could experience what everyday life looked like Monday through Friday; how people got to spend their days. Did I manifest my new position? Likely! And it has been the best thing to happen to me. I’ve never been happier with my career and as a result many doors of opportunity have opened. Most of all, it allows me to feel like a human seven days a week instead of just two. Afterall, the desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.  And after nearly a decade of “doing my time,” I finally got to trade in that desk for a table at my local coffee shop! First order of business was to make a list of all those nearby and I set out to try them.

It’s been nearly a couple of years (wow – time sure does pass by quickly) and I have found my favorites. Some well-known and highly recommended and others maybe not. But they all have their specialties and reasons to be visited. Can you ever really go wrong with coffee?? Not in my opinion! During my days, I have met some great people and heard some of the most interesting conversations (you really talk like that to you Grandmother?), seen amazing things take place (congratulations to the couple who purchased their new home) and seen some things that make me shake my head in disbelief (you’re using your flip-flop as a fly swatter against a glass window in a public place?!). I love it all though and each occurrence brings a smile to my face as I sit here remembering it clearly in my mind.

Whatever your reason may be or however long you stay, it doesn’t matter. You’re here supporting your local coffee shop, enjoying the day and crossing things off your to-do list in the processes. I am so grateful for my days that I leave the home office behind, pack a bag and find that perfect table to enjoy coffee at one of my favorites. A BIG THANK YOU to all the baristas who serve it hot and are always so welcoming. Our communities need you! Let’s all continue giving these walls the stories they need to hear to keep our cities vibrant.

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