I love the beach – it’s my happy place! Could be because I’m an Aquarius or maybe because it’s the place where the outside world disappears. The reason doesn’t matter because I am here and it’s perfect! I am at my best when at the beach. And I have never had a bad beach day. Does such a thing even exist? The beach is a place where calories don’t count, naps in the sun happen daily, drinks taste better and the days fade into nights way too quickly.

I don’t think I have seen a cloud yet. It has been the most perfect weekend all around. My skin has been sun kissed, my blonde locks are getting a little lighter, my feet fresh from the sand (nature’s pedicure), my body is getting some well-deserved rest and my mind is getter quieter and quieter as each moment passes. For reasons beyond my control, this trip was looooong overdue. I hope to never wait this long again to feel the sand between my toes. It has been nearly three years since I was last on this exact strand of beach. And on my last visit, there was a synchronicity that occurred. Not a coincidence because I don’t believe in those – everything happens for a reason! I am choosing not to share the details of what occurred (plus you wouldn’t believe me even if I were to share; sometimes I still don’t believe it happened), but that memory has been on the forefront of my mind this weekend and made my smile a little brighter (if that’s even possible).

Nothing like that happened this trip (not yet at least…), but what is happening is equally as amazing. As I sit and watch the waves roll in, I feel a sense of peace and fulfillment like I have never felt before. It’s almost as if something has shifted inside of me and I’m now a slightly different woman than I was this morning when I woke. Mindfulness happens naturally for me when at the beach. I get lost in the sounds of the waves, my mind turns off and I live only in the present moment. Accepting, embracing, and loving it for all that it is. But this feeling is more. I feel like I have been given superpowers into feeling my true self, my soul. Maybe the sunshine powered my energy field and I’m now vibrating at a higher frequency than ever before. Whatever it is, I know that I am loving myself in this moment on a deeper level than I’ve ever experienced, and it feels amazing. I never want this moment to end.

Looking out into the horizon where this endless sea of beauty meets the perfect blue sky, I am lost in the moment and dare anyone to try to take this from me. I know this feeling can’t last forever. I will soon have to resume daily responsibilities, but I vow to carry pieces of the peace and fulfillment I feel in this moment into my days ahead and not allow the stress of everyday life to snap the love I feel today for myself or for all that is. I love my life and sometimes trips just like this are needed to remind me just how much. Thank you, BEACH, for delivering as usual and giving me more beautiful memories. Either it be this strand of beach or another, I’ll be back soon.

To all of you reading this post, take time today for yourself. Even if all you have is five minutes – your mind, body and soul need it. They need to be reminded just how much love there is all around in every given moment.

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