Song for My Soul

“Helium” by Sia

The first time I heard this song, I became paralyzed by emotion. Never had the words of a song hit me the way this one did. I remember it clearly. I had just pulled into the office parking lot and sat there listening to it in its entirety. Minutes after it ended realized I was still sitting there motionless with tears streaming and now I had to somehow compose myself, fix my makeup and go work an entire workday. Damn!!

I know this song was produced as part of the soundtrack for the “Fifty Shades Darker” film, but my connection to the lyrics had nothing to do with Christian Grey (although secretly we all have a desire for a Christian Grey 😉, right??). This song was me – it was my life put to the most beautiful and peaceful track I have ever heard. It was my life as it had always been up until that day, my life at that moment, and still my life today.

It’s been a few years since I first heard Sia sing this song, but it came across my playlist last night while cleaning and it amazed me how much it still sings true today. While my emotions were not nearly as overwhelming, I did feel a surge of energy and it took me back to that first listen. As a strong, independent woman the lyrics of this song cause me to self-reflect on exactly how much I have accomplished on my own, but yet still have a desire, a longing to be lifted by another. I know I am strong as one, but I am stronger with another and knowing and being accepting of that has brought more love into my life than I ever knew existed. This was the piece of me that was missing up until that point in my life, but never knew it was missing. This superwoman really did need a superman’s soul! Actually, it’s all I need. And it took this song to open my eyes to that fact. My tough girl died that day, but somehow, I am stronger than I’ve ever been. I still have fears (many fears) but being open and respective to love keeps me lifted; keeps me from hitting the ground, keeps my fears from sabotaging all the good there is waiting for me. Feeling the uplifting effect of love truly is like helium – lifts me higher and higher. Higher than I ever thought I could possibly go.

The way this song touches my life changes as the years pass, but it resonates the same – love always has and always will be what keeps me lifted. The love I was feeling from another the day I first heard these lyrics changed my life forever for the good. It’s a love I never knew existed and not only does it live inside of me, but it lives inside of another. I didn’t realize what was happening then, but I realize it today and couldn’t be more grateful. I have learned to see and allow love!

Regardless of how you feel (or express) love, the effect of love is the same as the effect of helium. Love lifts you (and others) up and up! Never block or hold out on giving love. When love finds you, accept and embrace it for what it is and watch your life soar. You will never again hit the ground.

If you haven’t heard “Helium,” I highly recommend you spend the next four minutes and twelve seconds (Hey, Soul!) truly listening. If you have heard it, listen again, maybe you’ll hear something in it this time that resonates with your life or outlook on love.

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