Last Chance Workouts

Dare I go there…
I can’t even with this one. Year after year it’s the same. The weather starts to get warmer and the gyms begin to get crowded. The increase in sunshine brings the realization to guys that soon their shirts will have to come off at some point in a place other than their own bathroom. And for girls it’s the realization that they will soon need to wear a bikini rather than only look at them displayed in the stores. And yes, both of those are very real scenarios that will play out for many in the next month or so, but now is not the time to realize your body is not ready. Summer bodies are made in the winter! And by winter, I don’t mean those first few weeks in January when your new years resolution still existed. Remember that??

The gyms this time of year are crowded with so many regretting their winter hibernation days. Where were all these “dedicated” gym-goers when the snow was blowing on a blistery Saturday morning in February? I get it, there are times when you are more dedicated than others to your fitness routine. But rushing to the gym in hopes of being pool/beach ready in weeks is unrealistic and does more harm than good. You’re now stressed about it, doing too much at one time, over taxing your muscles, or attempting to lose weight and not feeding your body the fuel it needs to get through the workouts. The list of reasons why going hard at the last minute continues… Do yourself (and your body) a favor. Stop trying to get ready. It’s so much easier to just stay ready. Yes, it takes time and dedication, but consistency is key. And once it becomes a habit, a way of life, you will no longer feel the crunch of needing to get into shape for some future planned event on the calendar.

I will never judge anyone for getting their ass to the gym or for being active in any sort of way. Whatever your preferred method of staying active and in shape may be, don’t just do it a specific time of year or for one specific event or goal. Do it for yourself and do it year-round! You can’t ever make up for lost time or for a lost workout. Sure, you can always step it up a week or two before your next beach trip, but listen to your body and know your limits. If your motivation really does dip during the darker months, mix up your routine or type of activity to keep yourself motivated. Maybe have different workouts and activities for the various seasons. Regardless of what your method may be, the key is to apply it consistently and year-round!

Working out and being active should be something you do for yourself each day in the same way you care for your body in other ways each day. Do you only brush your teeth in the Fall? I sure hope not! Please do yourself (and your body) a favor and stop the springtime rush for abs. Treat your body right and it will reward you. Get your body in shape (whatever shape makes you the most happy and confident) and stay ready. Afterall, that invite to the beach could surprise you and come in March. And please stop crowding our gyms to only disappear again come June. We welcome you but we want you to stay.

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