There comes a time in everyone’s life when you need support. Be it the small things or the big things, the happy times, or the times you just want to hide in a cave, but at some point, you’ve needed and received support. The type of support varies but it’s all needed and beneficial. There’s the kind of support you ask for, the kind of support you don’t ask for and the kind that just shows up. Learn to allow the support in any form in comes and watch your life expand and relationships soar.

The kind of support you ask for. This one is hard for me because I often like to think I can handle things on my own. But I’ve gotten better. I have realized I can’t tackle life alone and started asking for support when I feel I need it. And it amazes me how willing family, friends and even those I don’t know so well are willing to provide. Seeing how willing others are to support has resulted in me opening myself up more than I even have before to others. I’ve shown my vulnerable side which was always untreaded territory for me. For some reason, I always feared asking for support. I didn’t want to be viewed as weak or incapable. But now that I am putting myself out there and seeking support, it is finding me in many ways, some very unexpected ways too. And from this, the most beautiful, sincere, and loving bonds are being created. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

The kind that you don’t ask for. It’s hard to ask for what you don’t know you need and likely don’t even think you do need. But the right situations and people will ALWAYS present themselves to you when needed most. However, you must be open and receptive to seeing and accepting. This support is often not solicited and often not welcomed but always needed. You may disagree and choose to ignore it, but the support will continue presenting itself in your life until you are willing to see the lesson and accept what is being given. This type of support may be overlooked and even not viewed as support but rather seen as someone offering unwanted advice. Please don’t be rush to judgement. Take the time to digest what is being presented to you and you might be surprised on just how much this support is exactly what you need. Maybe not at that exact moment, but in due time the reason will be presented and if you are open to accepting, you will learn and be grateful for how/when it was provided. We all have those friends who speak the cold, hard truth that is the last thing we want to hear in the moment. But after removing ourselves from the situation or seeing it from a third person perspective, that friends’ spoken (and sometimes unspoken) support was exactly what we needed. And please, do the right thing and let them know. You’re are never above thanking a friend for opening your eyes to support regardless of the form in which if was provided.

The kind that just shows up. This is my favorite kind of support. Why? Because it shows me just how connected I am to those that are apart of my life. It’s almost like they can read my mind and know I need to hear from them at that exact moment. It never ceases to amaze me how much these people have my back, know, and understand me on the deepest level, and all while keeping me grounded at the same time. Shout out to all of you (you know who you are)!!

Support comes in many forms, but it’s all the same. It’s your own cheerleading squad supporting you through the game of life. They aren’t just there for the lows; they are there to celebrate you too. They are the group you know will always love and guide you. We aren’t always receptive to the support they provide, but we should be because we need it and wouldn’t be who we are without them.

I am blessed to have support in many forms in my life. There is one cheerleader in particular that has taught me to see myself in a new way, a lighter, brighter way, to love and accept myself and not be so fast to make judgements and most importantly to get out of my own damn way and allow things to unfold naturally. I don’t know how he does it, but he gives the type of support that just shows up. And he’s always right on time! He calls when I need it the most, always knows what to say to bring a giggle or how to quickly change the subject to prevent a tear from falling. He’s the first to celebrate my successes while making sure I stay aware of the “the haters.” I truly believe that because of his support, I am better woman today than I was the day we met. I wish nothing more than for every human to have at least one person such as this in their life – you need this and if you allow it, you will experience personal growth you didn’t even know you needed. The connection and love you feel from support of others propels you.

There are different types of support and different ways to receive but regardless of how it comes be open and receptive. Learn to allow support in all forms. This was a huge life lesson for me to learn. And as always, I took a few wrong turns along the way, but now that I seen the benefits, I fully intend to nurture each one of the relationships I share with each member of my support squad. Love you all!

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