Ahhh…This House

“Ever since I laid eyes on that house, I wanted it.” – Harry

The McCallisters home is so dreamy to me! Even after all these years. Each Christmas when I replay the classic over and over, I say to myself that I will one day see that beauty in person. Well nearly 31 years since Home Alone first premiered in 1990, I finally got to step foot on the lawn of this infamous home. I’ve been to the “Windy City” way too many times without taking the time to venture into the suburbs to see her. And finally, this trip I took the time and made the drive to the beautiful suburb of Winnetka.

My obsession with this home is so real that I even have the blueprints tucked away in a very safe hiding place along with an old magazine article detailing every fact of the home. Hey – we all have our quirks, right?! If I could build any home and make it all I’ve ever dreamt of, it would not be this home or even look similar, but there is something about this red-brick Georgian-colonial that I value and likely always will. Simply put, the sight of it just makes me happy!

As I drove along the street, I found a parking spot directly across from the front door and immediately parked the car. I jumped out acting like a typical tourist without a care as to who might see me. I waited way too long to allow anything or anyone to stop me from absorbing this moment in its entirety. And not to mention fully aware of all the Chicago traffic I would be sitting in to get back to my hotel shortly. I was determined to make sure this moment was worth all of it!

Is this real? Am I finally here? Is this beauty really here in front of me? But it was and I have the 100s of pictures on my phone to prove it. It’s exactly as it is portrayed in the movie. After all these years, it still looks identical (minus the cameras and gates to keep crazy tourist just as myself away). It truly is a magnificent home!! And some very blessed family gets to call it their own. They keep it maintained perfectly. I smiled to myself standing there envisioning the chaos of the filming that likely consumed this quiet neighborhood for months so many years ago during filming. I can guarantee they had no idea that their quiet Lincoln Avenue would soon be known around the world and that this home will forever be known as the “Home Alone” home.

I am so grateful I took the time on this trip to escape for an afternoon. I can finally cross this very long-awaited sight off my bucket list!!

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