Compromise…Please Don’t!

Do you compromise? I’m not talking about compromising a night out with dinner and drinks for a night in with a movie and popcorn. I’m talking about compromising what you want most in life for what you want now. This type of compromise is an internal battle. A battle that many make without even realizing it. And often, it is made at the expense of their own happiness.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have compromised my long-term goals/wants/needs for in the moment satisfaction. And luckily none of my rush to decisions have harmed myself or anyone else. But looking back I do see how benefits could have been attained or how I likely would have received a better outcome had I waited. Taking the time to think through the scenario and possible outcomes or waiting for a decision to be presented clearly rather than forcing one or acting when the time was not appropriate is never the best approach. I compromised what I wanted most for something I could have instantly.

Ever set a goal or intention, only to fall off track on day four? Of course, you have – we all have! This is compromising. You either fall of track intentionally or unintentionally, but regardless you’ve lost sight of your desired result because of a bright, shiny thing in front of you in the moment. Insert whatever you wish as that “bright, shiny thing,” but it’s always the same. Compromise your healthy eating for a cupcake (immediate gratification), compromise a night out with friends for that new man giving you attention (bliss over thought), compromise your monthly budget for those sexy, new heels (in the moment decision), or compromise staying home to cross things off the to-do list for a weekend getaway (ok, maybe this one is a perfect compromise 😉)…, I think you get the point though. Compromising what you want most for what you can have now will only set you up for disappointment. It may not happen right away, but in time you will realize that thing you had to have or the vacation that couldn’t wait would have been more enjoyable in due time. All good things come to those that wait.

This type of compromise also applies to relationships. All too often people view getting into a relationship with another as some sort of prize. It becomes a game rather than a journey and as a result, they compromise what they are truly desiring in a partner for the sake of “winning.” And not soon after, do they reflect and wish they’d taken the time to really get to know and see that person for who they truly are. It’s easy to get pulled in and compromise when it comes to pleasing others, but the shininess always wears off and when it does, you need to make sure you love what remains.

Compromises are detours, end-games, and sometimes complete derailments. They are likely blocking your expansion, hindering your abilities, or preventing all the good intended for you from flowing to you. Stay the course and remain persistent on only accepting what you truly want as your end-state.

Gaining awareness of the areas in your life where you are making compromises helps you make better decisions and be happier with the outcomes. This requires patience at times (I’ll admit, not one of my stronger virtues), but once you start staying true to your goals and intentions, the results that follow bring more contentedness within than any in the moment purchase, person, or piece of cake could ever provide. Please don’t compromise.

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