My favorite season is here! These are the three months each year that make all the rest worthwhile. Everything is easy, breezy in the summer months. Everyone takes a relaxed approach to life and slows down to enjoy each moment of the longer, brighter days. To a child, summer is the best time of year. I’m maybe way past childhood, but it’s still the best for me. Summer memories are always the best memories!

Today marks the official 1st day of summer 2021. At the time of this post, 11:32pm, summer has begun for those of us living in the northern half of the globe. Today is the longest day and shortest night of the year. It’s the summer solstice! Today is the day the sun is at its highest point in the sky, which means it takes longer for it to rise and set resulting us being granted a longer period of sunlight. The sun appearing at highest in the sky at the solstice is what causes the warming known as summer heat. I say…Bring it on!

When the sun is high, I am living my best life. There is no such thing as too hot of a day. As far as I am concerned, the hotter – the better! The amount of vitamin D I subject myself to during the months of summer is enough to carry me through those inevitable gray days several months from now. But let’s not think about those.

For me, summer is lazy days spent poolside (with SPF of course), it’s as much time as possible in sunglasses and sandals (must show off the pedicure), it’s airy, flowing dresses (nothing is easier), it’s glowing, tanned skin (hello, shorts), it’s ice cream for absolutely no reason at all (extra sprinkles, please), and it is picnics with friends and family complete with refreshing cocktails. Because quenching your thirst is a must and fruity cocktails are just common sense this time of year. And above it all, its day after day of sunshine and good vibes.

Celebrate the summer solstice by putting on those flip-flops and getting outside and doing whatever summer activity brings you the most joy. Use this season as an excuse to try a new summer cocktail recipe or just to enjoy your favorite one more frequently. I think we can all agree last year is easily forgettable so make that your justification for this summer to be your best yet.

Make the most out of each day this sunny season brings! Make no room for anything except happy times and good vibes all summer long. Let the sunlight charge your energy field. Turn up the color everywhere. Let the colors of the outside world be your inspiration to live easier and lighter (basically, be the one to wear the brightest bikini to that pool party).

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