What’s in My Gym Bag?

If I’m being honest, no one has ever asked me this question. But as I browse other blogs and Pinterest, I can’t help but notice everyone detailing the insides of their bags. And likely, the same as you, I clicked to find out more. Not sure if it’s to ensure I too have the same essentials or if it’s nothing more than to be nosey about what everyone else carries around. So, to ensure I keep you in the know, below is a list of the musts I carry to each of my sweat sessions.

  • Deodorant – I don’t care if you just put it on before getting into the car to drive to the gym – Put It on Again! Because there’s nothing attractive about body odor. And if you don’t care about being attractive at least care enough to want to come across as having good personal hygiene.

  • Headphones – Nothing puts me in the zone like a playlist of high energy beats does. Listening to music you love will always help you run faster, lift heavier, and workout longer. All the while making the time fly by.

  • Reusable Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is an absolute must when working out. And helping the environment one refill at a time is never a bad thing.

  • Loopers – Let me clarify, hair ties as you likely refer to them. You never know when one will break, get lost, or you’ll be asked to help a friend in need. This is one thing that you can never have too many of.

  • Hand Sanitizing Wipes – I am not a germaphobe, but gyms are dirty. After touching all that equipment and sweating, it’s a good practice to quickly wipe off your hands, headphones, and phone.

  • Protein Powder – Mixing up a shake immediately after your sweat session is weightlifting 101. Not only are you replenishing your body with essential vitamins and minerals lost through your sweat (gross, but true), you’re feeding your muscles for repair and growth. Additionally, this shake will ward off hunger pains and prevent you from derailing all your efforts in the gym by reach for convenience foods (i.e. unhealthy snacks) the minute you walk in your front door.

  • Charging Cable – Because a dead phone or headphones does no good for anyone. A five-minute charge in the locker room while changing is better than no charge at all.

  • Extra Pair of Socks – Forgetting to pack your socks is an easy mistake to make and especially in the summer months when you’re likely arriving to the gym in flip-flops. But working out without socks is gross and stinky. Everyone (including your own sneakers) will thank you for this much needed extra pair of socks.

That’s it! Now you know what secrets I’m carrying on my shoulder when I arrive to workout. Don’t forget that the gym bag itself must make a statement and above all, lock it up. It may seem shocking, but unfortunately there are people out there willing to steal your things (dirty laundry and all).

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