Self-care is not selfish. There’s a reason they tell us to put our oxygen masks on first. Self-care is a must to be your best self. For years, I thought self-care = self-love. But after years and thousands of dollars later, I realized that not to be true. No amount of self-care will ever lead to self-love. But we’ll save that for another post on another day.

Self-care is a way of nurturing your health (mental, physical, and emotional) and your overall well-being. Everyone’s way of practicing self-care will look different and that is perfect; it’s supposed to be unique to your needs and desires. Self-care is the way you care for your mind and body so that you can always put your best foot forward. Spend the day at the spa, take a walk in nature, put on a homemade face mask, bake a dessert just for you, nap, do something you love; something that raises your vibration. This is self-care.

Self-care boosts one’s confidence which directly correlates to boosting one’s energy. When you’re in the flow of life and practicing self-care, it feels freeing; like no one can knock you off the track you’re on. And this happens because you are happy! You’ll notice an overall improvement in many areas of your life just because you took the time to do you. This can’t just be a one-time thing or when time allows for it. Methods of self-care should be incorporated into your daily life. You must make it a routine to practice self-care. Make these the moments of your day you enjoy the most; the things that gets you excited for the time doing you.

Care for yourself first and foremost. Putting yourself first is a form of self-care. There is no need to be rude or come across as selfish. It’s as simple as determining if that situation, task, person, or event serves your well-being. And if it doesn’t, kindly respond “Thank You, but no thanks.” Self-care is forgoing the to-do list and tending to a personal need or desire you’ve been overlooking. Perfect example…When was the last time you got a pedicure?? Self-care doesn’t have to be anything expensive or extravagant. Simply splurging on a new bath bomb in your favorite tropical scent is enough to give your mind the care it needs to temporarily drift away for twenty minutes to paradise.

We are all busy – I understand but neglecting your needs and desires is neglecting yourself. Neglecting yourself is obviously not caring for yourself. All those humans (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) and non-humans (pets) rely on you and need the best version of you to always be present. And you can’t provide that without first tending to yourself. There is often guilt associated with taking the time to practice the self-care you need (and yes, you need it), but that is your mind creating that scenario. There is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about! You are no good to anyone else if you aren’t good to yourself. Give yourself the permission to care for yourself; it’s ok, I promise.

Tend to your needs, make them a priority and as a result, you’ll become a better version of yourself. Your mood will be elevated, you’ll be a better caregiver, lover, and friend, you’ll be giving your mind and body a well-deserved rest and reward. Establish a routine to incorporate doses of self-care into your daily life. Even if five minutes alone in your closest is all you can find in a busy day full of deadlines, activities, tasks, and the list continues. Give yourself the permission to quiet your mind and slow your body. Care for yourself – your needs and desires matter!

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