Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

With record setting temperatures spanning across the country this past weekend, the summer heat is indeed upon us. Keeping your body at optimal hydration levels couldn’t be more important. This is healthy living 101, but even more essential in the months of high temperatures.

Our bodies are made up of over 60% water. Losing just 2% of that can cause dehydration, and as much as 6-10% can be lost via sweat (depending upon your level of conditioning and exertion). Fluid loss happens naturally through the execution of your daily activities but add in the summer heat and any type of exercise and you are flirting with putting your body into dehydration levels. It is recommended to maintain optional hydration and reap the associated benefits in your health, you should be drinking 8 8-ounce glasses per day. That’s a mere 64 ounces in total.

Hydration plays a huge factor is how your body operates. It keeps things flowing and clear (literally 😉). The more water you have in your system, the easier toxins are flushed (again…literally 😉) and the clearer your skin will be. And who doesn’t want a youthful glow? As a bonus, drinking your daily water increases your metabolism which increases the daily number of calories burned assisting with weight loss. Water also keeps you sated which wards off pangs that are often confused with hunger pangs but rather, your body is just thirsty. Drink 8 ounces and wait 20 minutes. If you are still hungry then have a snack or a light meal, but more times than not, the drink of water is exactly what your body was craving. Staying hydrated is the absolute best way to care for your body. Keeping the above in mind, I see no reason why you wouldn’t make H2O, your beverage of choice.

To be at your best and perform at your best, staying hydrated is key. Not maintaining your ideal hydration level can lead to brain impairments. Headaches and migraines are also very common side effects of not meeting your daily H2O intake. Your skin will suffer by appearing dry and your energy will lack giving you that fatigue feeling. And if that isn’t enough to motivate you to pour a tall glass of water, how about the side effect of persistent bad breath. The lack of having enough water in your saliva causes buildup of bacteria in your mouth – gross!

I know it is only recommended you drink 64 ounces each day. But I do not think that is nearly enough and especially so during the summer or when engaging in physical activities. It’s a start for sure if you aren’t already meeting that. But I say, drink your bodyweight in fluid ounces of water daily. Yes, I know you’re likely saying, “No Way – I’ll get nothing done but run to the bathroom every 10 minutes.” But after 2-3 days, your body will adjust, and this new level of fluid consumption becomes the norm, and your body will depend upon it. So basically, throw that excuse away and try it for a few days. The results you see will be immediate.

To make the goal achievable, don’t wait until your thirsty to reach for that sip of water, sip it all throughout the day (even if you think you aren’t thirsty). If you must, come up with creative ways of ensuring you meet your daily goal. Do whatever you need to, to ensure you meet your daily intake and stick with it. Take note of the amount of water you currently drink daily, and I challenge you to up that amount by an additional 8 ounces each day until you reach the goal of your bodyweight in ounces. Yes, I know you are likely rolling your eyes at me again, but water truly is the most important thing you can consume to nourish nearly every part of your body.

I don’t glow or sparkle, I sweat! And thus, I drink my bodyweight in H2O every day (and even more so on most days). I find water to be refreshing! I never leave home without a refillable bottle full, and I start each day with a glass before making my first cup of coffee. Water helps to rev my metabolism for the day ahead and keeps my brain on task. Some will say that coffee and unsweetened tea count toward your daily intake, but I disagree. I say enjoy both of those, but they are in addition to your recommended daily intake of clear, fresh H20. If you get bored with plain water, infuse it with fresh fruit or a few drops of your favorite essential oil (just make sure it is safe to be ingested). Both options add a little something for the taste buds and give you variety.

Happy Hydration!

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