Blessed vs Lucky

All too often these two adjectives are used interchangeably. Your blessings come from the source of all, big or small, good or bad, wanted or unwanted, these are the things that flow to you throughout your life. Luck comes from being dealt the winning hand at the casino on a Friday night or winning the daily Pick 5. But I could even argue that either of those events didn’t happen because of luck. They too are blessings, blessings of good fortune and abundance. I have a really hard time contributing anything to luck. Everything happens because it was meant to. It came into your life because it was meant for you to have or experience. There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling lucky but confusing it with your blessings is where the trouble begins.

The internet states, “if you say you’ve been blessed, you feel lucky to have something: health, love, fame, fortune, talent, etc.” This definition is pitiful in my opinion. Defining being blessed by feeling lucky is an oxymoron. Lucky is not the definition of receiving a blessing. The blessing did not come to you from luck. Blessings come to you from the source of all and being grateful for each that shows up in your reality (regardless of how you judge it), is the only real way of truly receiving your blessings and ensuring that more are on their way. Sometimes the wrapping in which they arrive maybe not as pretty as you had hoped or maybe it wasn’t presented to you in the same way you desired, but trust it is still a blessing that is intended for you. And maybe not immediately, but in due time the reason you received this blessing will become known.

To call someone lucky in life is downplaying their blessings and discounting all they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Here’s a few lines that are commonly heard by those in the flow of receiving their blessings, “You must’ve been born under a lucky star, Luck is always on your side, Your success is simply a matter of luck, or Some people just have all the luck.” I strongly dislike (ok…actually I hate it) when I overhear any variation of the above lines in conversation, or anyone refers to me as being lucky.

Nothing irritates me more than when someone tells me, “Oh, you’re so lucky.” Excuse me, but NO! This didn’t happen because of a four-leaf clover I carry in my pocket or because a fairy dusted me with her magic wand. It happened because I work my ass off, I set goals and achieve them. I work to create meaningful relationships with beautiful people. And I remain committed to my self-care and self-love routines. None of this has anything to do with luck. These are all blessings that were given to me. Either they required effort, or they did not, but they came because they were intended for me. I consider myself a very blessed (and grateful) individual; not a lucky one.

You may disagree with me (and that is perfectly fine), but as far as I am concerned, luck doesn’t exist. You are blessed. And it’s up to you to decide on how to receive the blessings given to you. Wallow in self-pity, complain it’s not as you desired, show impatience in the amount of time it took to appear into your reality, or simply say Thank You, this is a blessing intended for me to receive and I will accept it as is.

I recommend the last option, but I’ll leave it up to you to roll the dice…

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