Imperfectly Perfect

In a world full of expectations, perfection is what everyone strives to obtain. I’ll raise my hand at this. In fact, I should raise both. I strive for perfection in every area of my life. I’ve always been this way. And because of this, I am my own worst critic. If I’m not the best, doing it perfectly, or don’t have the highest rating then I must be failing. For me, there is no middle ground. It’s perfection or bust. Sure, this drive for perfection has brought amazing things and beautiful people into my life, but it’s also not healthy, realistic, sustainable, or even attainable.

Imperfect is the new perfect! The phrase Imperfectly Perfect, seems to be trending more and more these days and I find this to be refreshing. It’s a line used to give people, like me, reassurance you’re a work in progress and it’s ok. In fact, it’s perfect. Because we were not created to be perfect. We are created to learn and grow. Life gives us experiences for our expansion, not so we can nail them perfectly then sit back, relax, and wait for the next. You grow through experiencing those imperfect moments and come out a better human.

Everyone (including myself) knows no one is perfect, but still strive for nothing less than day after day. But this expectation of being perfect we place on ourselves is hindering all we are capable of. We are setting ourselves up for disappointment when the unattainable goal of perfection is never reached. No one else expects you to be perfect, so why do you do expect it of yourself? We don’t want to let others down, appear incapable, or not knowledgeable, and the list can continue. But, if everyone is always doing the best they can with the information available to them, then that is their version of perfect. And what more can anyone ask when you’re giving your best?!

The word “imperfect” spells “I’m perfect” because everyone is perfect is their own imperfect way. Resonating with this can be life changing. One should learn to accept and embrace their imperfections rather than pretending to be perfect. It’s exhausting to try to be something you’re not and will never be. Accept who you are and what is – that’s perfection. We all have flaws. We have moments in our life we label as imperfect (those moments that are anything other than we intended/hoped for), but it’s all those imperfect moments strung together that make our lives perfect.

You can’t erase perfection, but you can manage it through the practice of self-love. Be kinder to yourself, be more forgiving of yourself, prioritize your wants and needs, and reevaluate the expectations you place on yourself. Keep your standards realistic and take it easy. The stress of striving for perfection isn’t worth it. You’re imperfectly perfect self is what makes you who you are. And when you accept this, you are loving yourself.

Stop striving for perfection (yes, that is a direct order to myself too). It’s not attainable. Nothing and no one is perfect, but all is exactly how it is meant to be. If your intentions are always pure, you are doing life perfectly.

Don’t write yourself off as a failure, but rather a work in progress – growing and expanding – doing exactly what you were created to do – One imperfect step at a time and one imperfect day at a time. I hope you gain from this post how illusory the notion of perfection really is.

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