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Don’t poop with the door open!!

It always pains me when I hear someone complaining about how the “spark” has left their relationship or they don’t know why, but they are no longer sexually attracted to their partner. Only to find out, they have become so complacent with one another that they poop with the door open. No – No – No! Ok, so there is obviously more going on than just this in the relationship but pooping with the door open is without a doubt a contributing factor to the lack of attraction.

Relationships ebb and flow and the periods of attraction and affection tend to do the same. This happens when life gets busy, and our focus and priorities temporarily shift. But at the end of the day if the love is 100% genuine, it will push through these natural low periods and grow into something stronger. And I fully believe you should be loved regardless, but I also whole heartedly believe privacy keeps the attraction alive.

There’s a lot of things couples share that enhance their relationship and strengthen their bond but sharing a bathroom when in use should not be one of them. Plain and simple, it’s not sexy. In a world that makes oversharing the norm, this type of sharing takes it too far. Somethings are meant to be kept private. No matter how long you’ve been with someone (regardless of your status), a degree of privacy is always a good thing. In fact, it’s a must. It creates a sense of space and sets a personal boundary.

In any relationship, you as an equal part of that relationship have the right to decide to keep a part of yourself private. It doesn’t matter how trivial or significant it may seem to the other. And you need no other reason than simply because you want to. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep this part of yourself personal. And if your reason is because you want to do your part to keep the intimacy thriving in your relationship, then all the better and your other half should be supportive and close the door too.

Many will say you should be comfortable enough with your significant other to poop while he/she is next to you, but I disagree. It has absolutely nothing to do with a level of comfort. It’s about personal space and privacy. You don’t have to lie or act like you’re made of only sunshine and gold. Everyone poops! (Remember, that book?) And everyone knows it! But you don’t have to do it in front of an audience of one. That’s your private time. It’s a way of keeping the appeal in your relationship. Think about animals, most of them go off into a private space, away from humans to do their thing. Maybe we could all learn a thing or two from our furry friends.

I personally don’t want to see anyone on the toilet either we are in a friendship or a relationship. That’s your time and your business. There is absolutely nothing attractive about it. Please do yourself and your other half a favor and close the door next time!

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