The secret ingredient to a happy life is good friends. The definition of friendship is the state of being friends with someone. But to me, it is much more. It’s an unbreakable bond between two souls that trust and support one another. And it’s about the quality of these bonds- not about quantity. Everyone needs a few, true, good friends that are there through thick and thin. These are the people in our lives we owe it all to. They are the ones that give a damn! They show up and never leave. They love and support us. They know all our secrets and we know theirs. Friends lift you up during down times and bring the bottle of your choice to celebrate the good. Having true friendships enriches your life. Simply put – our friends are everything!

The role they play in our lives should be treated just as you treat your most valuable assets. You wouldn’t be who you are today if it was not for your friends. These are the people that always believe in you. And that alone is worth its weight in gold. They encourage you to become the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life. Stick with these people because they are the ones who can pull the magic out of you.

Being a friend and having true friends takes effort. But it is an effort worth making because it has life-long benefits. Surrounding yourself with a few true, good friends can benefit your overall well-being. Specifically, having a close circle of friends you trust and can share your life (the good and the bad) with increases confidence, boosts mood, increases a sense of belonging, reduces stress, and keeps you social. These friends become your chosen family.

It’s not always about wine and ice cream though. Maintaining strong bonds requires a give-and-take. There are times when you’re the one giving love and support and times when you’re on the receiving end. It’s not always the words spoken but rather the action of just being there; there to listen. Letting your friends know you’re there and you care strengthens the bond you share. Committing to being a friend is the same as signing on the dotted line; you’re agreeing to being an unpaid therapist. It’s an unspoken promise.

Being blessed with a circle of true, good friends is one of life’s greatest blessings. And since I believe that to be true, I must be incredibly blessed. I hate to brag, but I will anyways… I have the best circle of friends a girl could ask for. Each one so special. I’ve created a very diverse circle of friends from all stages of life who’ve been there to see, hear, understand, laugh, cry, support, and most of all love. I have a friend for every season and reason. I know who to call for a night out, who to text for a good pep talk, who will show up with bottle in hand ready to go (or ready to stay in), who will meet for coffee any day, any time (even if it’s virtually), who is always my biggest cheerleader, who keeps me grounded, who to remise with, who to dream with, whom to shop with, and who will lay out in the sun for hours loving it just as much as I do. It isn’t about which I’ve known the longest or how we met. It’s about the way they’ve walked into my life and stayed. Each has made my life better in some way. While all unique, beautiful people and our bonds differ, they each are vital in my overall well-being. They each have contributed a piece to making me into the person I am.

If you haven’t reached out to a friend today – do so! You never know how much hearing from you may make their day (and yours).

And to my circle of friends – I know you’re reading this…
Thank you for being such amazing human beings!

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