Must Have Undergarments

The right undergarments not only make or break the outfit, but they also make or break your confidence in the outfit. Undergarments are a girls’ best friend when worn correctly. They can lift, slim, shape, enhance, and control you all the while making you look and feel your best. Doesn’t matter your body shape or size, the list below should be staples in every lingerie drawer.

  • A Strapless Bra – It doesn’t have to be stylish, but it does have to be supportive. Find one that fits sung around your back and has the capability to stay put for hours (that means a lot of silicone strips inside the band). And if extra shape or support is needed, find one that has side boning. A good strapless bra is an investment, but worth every penny. It saves you from tugging at the cups all night or disappearing into the bathroom multiple times to adjust.
  • A Flesh-Colored Bra – I get it – they’re not attractive, but they are essential. Think white t-shirts, pastel-colored sweaters, summer tank tops, or sheer bodysuits. A flesh-colored bra completely disappears under any of the these but especially under your favorite white top. These bras blend into your natural skin tone and make themselves invisible. Don’t forget the matching underwear…
  • A Matching Set –A matching set is simply an outfit you wear under your outfit so why wouldn’t you want to put on a matching bra and underwear set every day?! It doesn’t matter if anyone sees it or not. You know you match – you know you look good and that is all that matters. You look good when you feel good! It’s really that simple.
  • Shapewear – No body is flawless. We all wish some areas were different. And that’s exactly why shapewear was created. Adding a layer of shapewear will help smooth those “troubled” areas, giving you a stream-lined silhouette. They are unnoticeable undergarments that work like magic when you need to look fabulous after skipping workouts or indulging too much lately. They come in a variety of styles, shades, and level of compression. I recommend finding the level you are most comfortable with and adding a few in various styles and shades to your drawer.
  • Black Tights – Not leggings; but tights. Long gone are the days of pantyhose (yes, I just used that word). A good pair of black, seamless tights make your legs appear long, lean, and controlled under any dress or skirt. But finding the perfect pair can be tricky because they range greatly in price and quality. You get what you pay for when it comes to these. Cheap ones will slide down, pill, tear at the toes, or become oddly baggy at the ankles throughout the day. Make the investment in a good pair, care for them well and they will keep you tight (and warm) all Fall and Winter long.

Undergarments while not exciting to shop for, are essential. Adding these items improves every outfit regardless of the occasion. The last thing you want are bumps or lumps or even panty lines under those designer jeans or little, black dress. And make sure they are comfortable and made of breathable fabric. Afterall, all undergarments have direct contact with your skin, and you’ll likely be wearing them for long periods of time.

The bottom line is wearing the undergarments makes us feel more attractive and put us in charge of showcasing those assets we feel are our best!

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