Kindness is Magic

You look terrific! Those three simple words made my day. And they came from a stranger in passing. Lost in thought on where I was going and my plans for the remainder of the day, I pass this woman who gives me this compliment that immediately brought me back to the present moment. I was back to work, vacation was over and my routine a little off from the good times, food, and drink, so I was far from feeling terrific. But it took her saying those three words to make me realize I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. And realizing I do look terrific. Afterall, it was a sunny day, my workday was over, and I had a smile on my face. The kindness of this woman who I’ll likely never see again was magic. The smile and thank you I replied with doesn’t seem fitting for the impact she had on the remainder of my day. Her words were an instant mood booster!

You never know the type of day another is having, and your kind words or act of kindness may be the dose of medicine they need to save the tears from falling or make a good day they are having a little better. Spreading kindness truly is equivalent to magic. It boosts the giver and the receiver. Saying or doing something nice for someone makes you feel just as good as it does to them.

Spread kindness everyday even if it is a small way. Don’t hold back – smile if something/someone makes you happy, give compliments (and actually mean them) allow someone to merge in front of you next time in traffic, send a friend a text for no reason other than to say hi, mail a thank you note (yes, a hand written note through the mail using a stamp), hold the door for the person behind you, buy coffee for a co-worker, and always say “please” and “thank you.” No one is too busy or too important to be kind. And even if you do none of the above acts of kindness, adding the two simple gestures of “please” and “thank you” can be enough to change your day or the day of another.

Small acts of kindness add up in a big way. You’ll be surprised to see and hear how receptive individuals are and how quickly your kindness is returned. Kindness is contagious and is always returned and often in the most unexpected ways. But please don’t allow that to be your motivator for being kind. Be kind for the pleasure you get from making someone’s day a little brighter.

And why wouldn’t you want to be kind? Walking around emotionless, unable to smile, not making eye contact with others, lost in your own thoughts, that’s no way to spread or receive kindness. Be engaging with others. Be a part of life you are living and the people you are sharing it with (those you know and those you don’t). If we all work together to be a little kinder towards one another, we can make this experience better one kind word or act at a time.

There is power in kindness. It makes every human happier! It connects you with others, creates stronger bonds and a broader sense of unity. I’ve never heard anyone say, kindness is dangerous, or she/he is too kind and therefore I don’t like them, there’s too much kindness in our world, etc. There are no disadvantages to being kind. Spreading kindness really does lead to good things. It’s magic, remember?!

The following quote hangs on the wall above my desk as a constant reminder that regardless of the type of day I am having, kindness is not optional.


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