White after Labor Day?

Most definitely! It’s not time to pack away all your white just because summer has ended. Either it be your favorite pair of white jeans or a brand-new white t-shirt. It all still works! Why not white after Labor Day should be the question.

Bright white, Off-white, Ivory, Cream, Winter white, Pearl, Bone, … the list could go on forever, but whatever the shade of white, it’s all acceptable no matter the season. And I say the whiter, the better. Last year, I wore a white-on-white outfit to Christmas dinner and never once thought, my jeans or sweater would be inappropriate simply because of the date on the calendar. I questioned my decision only when my uncle walked in and saw me sitting there holding a glass of red wine and says, “Oh – aren’t you brave today?!” I realized then maybe I was living a little dangerously but not because I was pulling off a white-on-white outfit in late December. 😊 Happy to report, not a drop was dropped.

There are many theories as to how this fashion “rule” came to be. Some say wearing white was a way for staying cool during the summer months and others state wearing white was a symbolism of wealth for those with enough financial resources to take a summer vacation. I’ll let you Google all the possible reasons behind the arbitrary rule if you’re curious, but this is now the year 2021 and none of the reasons it may or may not have come to be really matter. It’s outdated and there is no need for it to be implemented.

White gives a clean, polished, pulled together look year-round. It works with every skin tone and hair color. It’s always in style and it matches everything. Wear the color white whenever you choose. Don’t allow a date on the calendar each year to determine when you can or cannot bring out that favorite pair of white jeans. They are beautiful paired with sandals in the summer and boots in the winter!

Speaking of footwear – white footwear is acceptable year-round too. Boots, Booties, Sneakers, your choice. This decision is weather permitting of course because no one wants to get a fresh pair of white kicks wet or muddy.  But if you’re brave enough, then I say go for it. Shoes always make the outfit and bright white is the best.

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