Parallel Lives

I woke up reaching out for you – just as I’ve done thousands of times. Except this time, you were there. Our bodies close, unable to tell where you ended, or I began. I was exactly where I belong and so were you. Pulled so tight, I could hear your heartbeat, feel your breath, and smell your skin. Yet, I still didn’t believe it was real. Afraid to open my eyes in fear this might all be a dream. A dream so good I never wanted to awake.

But I did open them, and you were there! It wasn’t a dream. We had found our way. The past was in the past (finally), and we were together letting it be beautiful. Just as beautiful as it always is and always will be. We waited so long on this moment to arrive and there was nothing or no one that could ever rob it from us.

I laid there in absolute peace. The light so bright, but the sun still hours from rising. It was the most blissful moment of my life. I was feeling an inner knowing so unfamiliar yet so absolute. Everything I desire was in that room, nothing more I could ever need or hope for. My two worlds merged, and the moment was more than my mind could have ever created it to be. I wanted to linger there for all the days of my life.

When it comes to us, when the forces to be determine its time, it is orchestrated and never disappoints. And it’s always perfectly on time every time. The date imprinted in my mind and obviously the location in yours. You took my breath away. And that look into my eyes… So intense you had to look away. I too felt it and lost all thought. How it happened will likely be an amazing mystery never to be solved. It’s clear we have no say in this anymore. We never have. But both too stubborn to give up the struggle and allow the beauty of the plan to unfold. Although it seems maybe we are finally learning and allowing and the reflection of our efforts never more vivid.

No questions were asked, and no explanations needed. When all “the stuff” is stripped away, what is left is pure and real. It’s a love that runs deep and transcends any love I’ve ever known, a love that no human mind could ever comprehend. It’s not about me – It’s not about you – It’s about us. We are love! We share a piece of one another that no other can ever have or replace.

In those early morning hours, the struggle ended, the fears vanished, time stopped, and distance dissolved. From that moment on, it will only get better. I’ve risen above what was. I allowed those elevator doors to close because we’re done with that page of our story. There’s nothing anyone can say or do (including you) to get in the way of what I feel for you. I now know for certain it will be you and me for the days and nights to come. I’ve always believed, but in the back of my mind, a small voice would frequently rear trying to tell me I’m crazy, it wasn’t real, or I should be mad or sad. But I’ve worked hard to quiet that voice and here you are. Able to touch your skin and hear your voice, confirming my faith in what will be.

Either you’re here or you’re not, it is irrelevant. We transcend time and know no distance. That’s been proven over and over. When it’s meant to be, it will be. Either it be this lifetime or next. And if my glimpse into this internal place of paradise never comes again, I know I’ll be ok. Because I have the best part of you with me always – Me!

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