With the world more divided today than ever, it’s tempting to get sucked into the negativity the media reports and spend your days sulking or depressed. We all know 2020 was a dumpster fire of a year, but let’s not allow that experience to carry into our days, weeks, months, or years ahead. The world and all of us in it are beautiful despite how ugly the media tries to make it seem.

For one day, amuse me, and shut out the negative noise. Turn off news alerts on your devices, leave the television off news channels, and don’t gossip to friends, family, or co-workers about current events. Instead, spend the day finding reasons to smile. Be present to the good happening around you; the big and the small. You will never regret anything you did, said, or saw that made you smile.

Need a reason to smile? Below are 25 ways to get you started.

  • You woke up
  • You did or observed a random act of kindness
  • You arrived to work on time
  • Your favorite song was played on the radio (and you burst into song aloud)
  • Your coffee was hot and made just right
  • Your mind drifted to a fond memory
  • Your favorite dessert is featured on the menu at dinner (cheesecake, anyone?)
  • You are loved
  • It makes you attractive (it’s the best accessory (and it’s free))
  • You overheard a child’s belly laugh (be careful, their laugh is contagious)
  • You heard a cheesy joke (or maybe you told one)
  • You’re a pet owner (they are always happy to see you)
  • The pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing went on sale
  • Your phone has a full charge (or there’s an electrical outlet right where/when you need it)
  • You are wearing clean clothes
  • Someone gave you the right-away in traffic
  • The sun is shining bright (put on those shades)
  • You ran into a friend at the local coffee shop
  • A friend was excited to hear your voice when you called
  • You enjoyed hot water for an extra-long morning shower
  • Flowers are blooming outside of your office window
  • Someone held the door for you
  • You have beautiful teeth (it’s a reason to show them)
  • Your “skinny” jeans still fit (after a high caloric weekend)
  • It will boost your mood (and the mood of those around you)

If none of the above give you a reason to smile, then find something that does. There’s always a reason, you just must find it. Only you have the power to change your day and it’s as simple as fixing your face with a Smile!

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