Oh, the typical interview question… Where do you see yourself in a year…in 3 years…in 5 years? I don’t know. How about we get through this interview first and if I get the job then maybe I’ll have a better answer.

I occasionally allow myself to dip into the past to remember a sweet memory or fast forward to dream of the future but only if the memory or dream brings me joy. I work hard to live in the present moment, but so many factors in life make it hard to be present 100% of the time. And while it’s been a year or so since my last interview, I can guarantee the dreaded “where do you see yourself” question is still on the list. Why not instead ask, what are your goals? Personal or professional, it doesn’t matter we all have them.

Goals are simply desires with a deadline. A deadline that you, the goal setter, set. They are a way of holding yourself accountable. Having goals gives you something to work toward. They are a means to bettering yourself, developing new behaviors, and often motivators for achieving personal or professional success. Goals are the vehicle that drive you to align yourself to what you desire for so the desire can manifest into your reality.

Although, I don’t often go back to the past or think to the future, I do have goals. Actually – I have a lot of goals! Both personal and professional. And they change as I evolve, and my likes/dislikes alter. I do not believe there is anyone alive today who doesn’t have goals. And I know some will disagree and say they don’t, but I can guarantee buried deep they’d find a goal (or 2) of their own if they take the time to think about it. Everyone desires something; big or small.

Goals are a representation of one’s inner desires. We all have desires we want to see be realized and how we do that is by stating the desire (either aloud to another or silently to ourselves) and establishing it as a goal by giving it a deadline. Sometimes goals take physical effort or action and other times simply stating the goal and allowing can be enough for it to take shape and become a reality. Goals are personal desires that only you can accomplish. No one can do it for you.

Goals are a way to hold yourself accountable. Sure, it’s great to have that friend who isn’t afraid to tell you when you need to step it up or rein it in, but you shouldn’t rely on them for reaching your goals. Only you can be relied upon for reaching your goals. And just like standards and boundaries, goals should never be disregarded. Modified or updated, yes, but never ignored, or dismissed. These are your wishes. And you should never disregard yourself?

Now more than ever having goals is important. After nearly 2 years of limited social interactions, economy and job uncertainty, and so much negativity and illness surrounding our daily lives, our mental and physical health and personal and professional successes need a boost. Setting goals does just that – it’s motivation for life!

Think for a few minutes about the goals you currently have. Have they been clearly stated (or maybe even written down)? Are they in process? Are you stalled and seeking assistance to get back on track? Is the result still your desired outcome? Often goals change as you get closer to the result and that’s perfect. Adjust your goal or modify the desired end state. Maybe even create a new goal entirely, but don’t give up.

It’s a glorifying feeling to accomplish a goal. It’s time well spent on yourself to define a desire, establish a deadline (making it a GOAL), putting in effort when needed to create, and stepping back to allow it to manifest into your reality. In my opinion, reaching a goal (whatever it may be) is one of the purest forms of self-satisfaction. Imagine being able to say, I did this, I created that, I achieved it, this ALL is because of ME…

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