To be Aquarius

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac and belongs to the air element. It is ruled Uranus; the planet known for governing innovation, technology, and surprising events. Aquarius is the zodiac sign given to those born during the period of about January 20th to about February 18th.  It is represented by a man pouring a stream of water from a jug. The water from the jug is to signify the bringing of gifts of truth and pure intentions to the world. This symbolism came about in ancient times when the rising of Aquarius coincided in the Middle East during a period of floods and rain. And so, the term “water bearer” was born to best describe an Aquarian.

Aquarians are known for not only wanting to save the world, but they are smart enough to have a plan to do it. They are: Assertive (exuding confidence), Analytical (living largely in their own heads), Unique (living outside the societal box), Fair (big believers in justice), Independent (content to stand alone), and Witty (in a way only some will understand). Aquarians will not compromise their morals, needs, or personal space for anything or anyone. They are upfront individuals and don’t play games. They tell others how it is and have no feelings on how it is perceived. And Aquarians are often considered standoffish or cold and tend to keep their emotions on lock down.

Because of these traits, they are often misunderstood, not accepted, and underestimated. But don’t underestimate an Aquarian. The moment you tell them they can’t do something, not only will they do everything to prove to you they can, but they will do it with style and grace. And this isn’t because they want to impress you; it’s to prove it to themselves they can. And they don’t care if they are misunderstood or unaccepted. In fact, they use it as fuel for their drive. They strive to please only themselves. They live their lives limitless and on their own terms. In their minds, anything is possible, and all dreams come true. Guess that makes me an Aquarian!

That’s right – I’m an Aquarius and it amazes me how accurately the personality traits characterize me and my lifestyle choices. When I make up my mind, I stick to it. I am not easily persuaded unless there is evidence to prove otherwise. I am not known to be the one out of the group to “go with the flow.” I love the water (beach, please) and will never share a closet with anyone (ever).

The interests of an Aquarian include sci-fi, technology, writing, flying, and art. Some of these were surprising (and I strongly disagree with), and others made perfect sense. Writing…I’m an Aquarian with a blog…obviously writing is an interest. And I have been known to love “weird” things so I guess you could say I do appreciate some variations of art. But I can’t stand sci-fi, my only connection to technology is contacting the helpdesk for them to “fix” it, and while I do enjoy being in the clouds, it’s only when I’m in an airplane on my way to an exciting destination. You will never catch me hang gliding or sky diving. Heights are a top fear of mine.

Aquarians radiate a cold glamour. We are viewed as attractive because our different personality is refreshing from the mainstream. We do not conform, and we make you think. We are best described as brilliant, passionate, and charming with beautiful eyes and a captivating, dreamy look. The trick to impressing an Aquarian is to engage their mind first. And their body will follow… But be careful – it’s easy to get lost in our eyes…

Happy Birthday to my fellow Aquarians! 


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