What to Pack for a Weekend at the Beach

Recently, I packed a suitcase for a weekend getaway in the sun and sand. It was the perfect winter escape! I traded gray skies for blue skies and was able to get some real vitamin D while feeling the warmth of the sunshine on my skin. Nothing more I could ask for – a weekend at the BEACH!

But packing for a weekend of fun in the sun can be challenging when your closet is full of sweaters and boots. How easily we forget how to dress for the easy, breezy days of Summer. To make the process of packing a little easier, I created a list of the musts that should make their way into everyone’s bags as they board a plane for some sunshine.

  • Sunblock – A must! Protect your beautiful skin and especially your face. Put it on before breakfast each morning and reapply frequently throughout your day. Don’t forget your lips – they need SPF too.
  • Swimwear – Male or female, multiple pieces are needed. Because no one wants to wear wet swimwear or be seen in the same suit twice in one weekend.
  • Cover-Ups – They should make a statement. You never know who is watching as you move from the beach to the pool. Pack an equal number to your swimwear.
  • A Good Read – Keep your entertainment simple. Getting lost in a good book while listening to the waves crash is the perfect way to spend your days. Save the headphones for the airplane only.
  • Footwear – Display that pedicure! Flip-flops for the sand, dressy sandals for the evenings, and sneakers for everything in between.
  • Sunglasses – One pair will do. On second thought, better pack two. I’m a girl that loves her sunglasses. Did you know, squinting causes wrinkles? And no one wants those!
  • A Hat – A fabulous sun hat has become one my favorite beach accessories. They’re a stylish way to provide your face full coverage from the sun’s rays. Not a fan of a sun hat, pack a baseball cap instead. Either way, take a hat to protect your face from the shining sun.
  • Night Outfit – Whatever the occasion, dress to impress complete with the best shoes and accessories to complement. You never know where the night will lead or who you’ll meet.
  • The Basics – Pack enough undergarments to wear fresh daily (that should be a given), several tops, and matching bottoms. Or better yet, take all dresses.

If you are considering a weekend at the beach (and I hope you are), this list should make the packing process a little easier. I won’t promise you won’t over pack (it happens to the best of us). But I will promise you’ll be prepared for fun in the sun!


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