“The Universe is always speaking to us, sending little messages, causing coincidences, serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, in something more.”   ~ Nancy Thayer

I think back to how and when it all began. You observed from a distance, but you were so close. You didn’t even know my name or the sound of my voice, but you knew everything. And it never had to be explained or convinced because I too knew the minute I looked up and found you standing next to me. This is it! My soul always knew, but in that minute my mind and body finally caught up.

Up until that moment, we were living in two completely different worlds. And right there in front of so many, they collided. But there wasn’t a sound. It was absolute peace. An internal merging that can’t be seen, heard, nor felt. I found myself in you and you recognized me in you. Bliss!

And then it happened…we repelled. Not out of anger, hurt, or lack of desire, but from fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of ourselves. We become unbalanced and attempted to control fate. And I was left with my mind spinning, my body cold, and my heart hurting. Maybe it wasn’t real. It couldn’t have been love. Must’ve merely been lust or a dream. Maybe we weren’t meant to be. Maybe instead of being “the one,” we were just one.

I tried to give up. I practiced pretending I didn’t care. I cried tears of both anger and sadness. I played the tough girl, and I acted the victim. But none of this worked because it wasn’t meant to. This isn’t something time can heal or be made to disappear.

I used to be afraid you’d forget, or I meant nothing. But repeatedly, I’ve been proven wrong. Circumstances shift to bring us near, events transpire to align our lives, time holds a space for us, and people play their parts to pull us together. Everything is always working in our favor. It’s clear this is something out of our control. Fate is at work.

Our flame burns brighter than the sun and hotter than a star. And it can never be extinguished. There is no denying the way we feel for one another. It’s a feeling we can’t shake and experiences we never will forget. Your eyes bring the peace I seek. They reveal the truth of what has always been known and will always be. When you’re near, I feel a sense of home I’ve never known.

This feeling is unlike anything either of us have ever experienced or ever will again. How blessed we are to have found one another – this doesn’t happen to everyone. It’s a love that runs deep and true. It’s a love that transcends time and is beyond this lifetime. There is no end. Our love is for eternity.

But I miss you. And I know it’s ok to miss you because I know the truth. And the truth is you’ve never been gone. You’re here – you’re always with me. We share a bond that cannot be broken. I fall asleep each night to the warmth of your arms holding me tight and wake each morning with our legs intertwined. It’s impossible to tell where I begin or you end. We are one.

You’ve shown me how to believe in myself. And proven I don’t need you next to me to survive. I now know what it means to believe.

I believe in you.
I believe in me.
And I believe in us because I believe.


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