No Fear

I live with fear every day. Fear of change – Fear of rejection – Fear of loss – Fear of judgement – Fear of inadequacy – Fear of failure – Fear of the unknown – and the list could continue.

Fear does not feel “good.” Feelings of fear are often associated with unpleasant or strong emotions. Having fearful feelings activates areas of the human body involved in the fight or flight response. And that is how the feelings of anxiety, panic, fret, stress, or worry develop.

Fear drains your energy, lowers your vibration, and can keep you feeling stuck. In some cases, fear can even lead to depression. Fear is a feeling that can negative impacts to the body too. Increased heart rate, digestive issues, excessive sweating or chills, shortness of breath, acne breakouts, or instances of unexplained weight gain/loss can all be associated with the feelings of fear. And it does not even need to be a real fear that can cause these feelings or have these impacts. Oftentimes, even the perception or imagination of fear can bring these on. Thoughts such as, I do not want change…What if…If only, that could be different…I cannot do that…This might happen…etc.

Releasing fear regardless of the type or reason for it, is a big feat and takes time and courage. Nothing about it is easy. But there are many ways to approach living without fear. The first step however before working to release the fear is to acknowledge it exists. Recognizing the worrisome thoughts, seeing the underlying reason for your health-related issues, knowing why you are afraid of that change to your schedule, or why you feel like you must hold onto that person or thing are all ways of seeing your fear. Becoming self-aware enough to see your fear is the first step to take when working to rid yourself of it.

Once you see the fear, one way to tackle it is to change directions; try something new or different. Challenge yourself. Put yourself out there more to meet new people and have different experiences. In the beginning, the mere thought of doing anything outside of your comfort zone will likely cause your fear to rise and make you want to run for the hills. But take it easy and slow. Nothing needs to be drastic. And overtime, it gets easier – I promise. Another option is to face your fear head-on. This is not an option for everyone, but for some jumping with both feet and ridding themselves from the fear by doing the very thing they are fearful of immediately defeats the fear.

The biggest release of fear comes from letting go; removing the thought attached to the fear. You do this by releasing your attachment to the outcome. You do not allow the fear to consume your thoughts and worries. Basically, you tell your mind to “shut-up.”

My fears lie in my thought forms. But I am learning the processing of releasing them one-by-one. I have accepted that if it is not something within my control, then there is no need to fear it. I have realized, no amount of fear will change the outcome, so why fear something so unknown. I constantly work to remind myself all will be taken care of, and it will all work out as it is meant to at the exact time it should; not a minute too soon or a second too late. I cannot predict the future, but rather than fear it, I have learned strategies to accept the present. I have come to a place of knowing and accepting that what is being presented is intended for me and it is all that matters because it is here and now. I know the future will come regardless of what I do or do not do and when it does, it will be the now moment. I work daily on my thoughts to have no fear about the unknown future.

It takes awareness of your thoughts and patience with oneself to get to a place where the fear can be released. It takes practice to allow more and think less. Removing the thought attached to the fear helps reduce the associated feelings, making it easier for one to think rationally and prevents fear induced negative impacts to the body.

It is exhausting to constantly try to control the narrative, fight the inevitable, or fear the future. It’s easier to become aware of the fear and work toward release (in whichever method works best for you). When you release the fear and let go, you find peace. You end the lingering doubts, stop the constant questioning, no longer compare, break the cycle of impatience, and live life each day in each moment.

Having no fear is the ultimate surrender. And while experiencing the ultimate surrender for every fear is unlikely for many, it is doable to work on releasing them one by one. When you release the fear, you live.


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