Just a Day

There are some days observed on the calendar I kind of wish didn’t exist. And others in my opinion, have no purpose. Why do we rely on the calendar to tell us when to celebrate food, friends, animals, or loved ones? And why does everything have to be “a day?” Let’s allow a day to be a day and celebrated in the way everyone chooses to do so.

For example, do we really need a Squirrel Appreciation Day? Yep – that’s really a day. January 21st is apparently the day we are to appreciate squirrels. Or why is March 2nd observed as Old Stuff Day, April 13th as Scrabble Day, and November 2nd as officially the day observed for Deviled Eggs? Why can’t a day just be a day and those who choose to celebrate an occasion, can do so however they choose on a day that makes the most sense to them. If you love squirrels, then celebrate them every day. And if someone wants a day to be known as Cheese Pizza Day (just as September 5th is), then they are entitled to do so. But it doesn’t need to be some funny, random, or weird Holiday marked on the calendar for everyone.

Let’s talk about the Hallmark holidays of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. If the calendar didn’t tell us these days existed and needed to be celebrated, people would celebrate their loved ones all year long and not just on the one day a year the calendar tells them to do so. People that truly want to celebrate can celebrate all year or choose a day most fitting for them and their family. But to those with absentee, dead, or otherwise MIA parents, for parents without children, or adults without a significant other, they can just go about their day on these “days” with less emotions.  

I’ve always had this opinion toward Valentine’s Day and likely why I have not participated in this Hallmark created holiday since my college years. As a young adult, I quicky realized how artificial the love is this day. The price of roses triple, gourmet chocolates fly off the shelves, and restaurant reservations are next to impossible to make. All this effort just to show your love for another for just one day a year. Love is forced to be celebrated for this one day and then come February 15th, the norm resumes.

Valentine’s Day is just a date that is circled on our calendars that signifies love is expected to be celebrated on that day. A sign to many and a reminder to others that their significant other is expected to shower them with gifts as an expression of how much love they love them. But what about the other 364 days of the year? Do you not love your significant other enough the other days to bring home flowers for no reason, surprise them with a box of chocolates, or take them out to dinner for absolutely no reason except that you want to? If you aren’t doing those things, you should be! Love is meant to be celebrated every day, not just on the one date each year the calendar tells you to do so.  

Did you know that in addition to Valentine’s Day, there is also a Spouse’s Day (January 26st), a Chocolate Cake Day (January 27th), Lover’s Day (April 23rd), Milk Chocolate Day (July 28th) Love Note Day (September 26st), and a Chocolate Covered Anything Day (December 16th)? Why do these days exist? Can’t we just enjoy chocolate cake any day we please and appreciate it in the moment? Why does there need to be a day telling us that chocolate cake should be appreciated? Of course, it’s appreciated.

Celebrate love and all things you love daily. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Spend time together and love one another. Celebrate all things important to you everyday or a day of your choosing. It’s about creating memories in the simple ways of any and every day spent with loved ones or doing the things you love. Those are the days that are remembered and treasured. It’s not the over-the-top Holiday celebrations that our calendars tell us to celebrate. All days are a gift and should be celebrated the way you choose to do so.


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