Say YES!

Say yes to life. Say yes to something new. Say yes to something different. Say yes to something that challenges you. Break your mold. Change your routine. Give something another try. Take a risk.

These words of wisdom coming from the girl who lives and dies by her routine. Who is risk adverse and swears she’s allergic to change. Saying yes is far from my default response. But earlier this year, I read something that simply said to say “yes” more often. And that one simple sentence has stuck with me. I have been intentionally making the choice to say yes more often and the results have been nothing short of amazing. I’ve said yes to several once in a lifetime experiences, met some amazing people that I get to now call friends, and have gone on some great trips to new and exciting places. And all because I deliberately gave up the internal debate and simply said, yes.

I’ve learned that saying yes opens you up and allows you to be vulnerable. And it’s in that state of openness new people and experiences can float into your life. When you say yes, you appear less rigid. You smile more, laugh louder, and worry less. Your outlook is hopeful rather than fearful and people see you in new and different light. Your personality becomes one of ease and you radiate happiness. Life becomes easier when you say yes.

It seems as if YOLO is in fact a real motto to live by. Live life as if you aren’t going to be given another go at it. Don’t live with regrets or resist change for the sake of keeping things as they have always been. Don’t be afraid of a little disruption or an unplanned event. Why not experience all life has to offer? Why not try something for the first time? Or why not meet a new person? The household chores can wait, there will always been another day to run errands, and due dates aren’t really that important anyways. Life isn’t going to wait for you to weigh your options. Just say yes and see it through.

You never know what life has in store for you if you don’t say yes to it. Don’t overthink it. Don’t debate a response hanging onto what may/may not come from it. For not everything has to be planned and there is not always time to ponder the best option – yes/no/maybe/I don’t know. Life doesn’t wait for us to make decisions. When you ride the yes/no/maybe continuum, you slow or halt all that may be in store for you. But instead, saying yes releases the resistance and allows doors to open. When you say yes, you see the experience or person as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

Embrace the opportunities to say yes as they come your way. Start small or go big. Do something that you wouldn’t normally do – something that others would see outside of your “norm.” Make the decision no one (including yourself) expects you to make. Book a flight for a last-minute weekend getaway, eat a donut simply because it’s Wednesday morning, run a race even though you’re not a runner, be the girl who knows no one at a party and goes anyways, send a text letting them know you still think of them, or leave a note on a stranger’s car. Just remember – say yes when he texts inviting you for coffee.

“You can only get more in life by saying YES.”
~ Marshall Sylver


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