Basic Black

Except there is nothing basic about it. Nothing boring either. In fact, choosing to wear an all-black outfit is considered a fashion-forward choice for anyone willing to make a statement. And the rumors are true. Black is slimming, classic, timeless, and matches everything. You can’t go wrong when electing to pair black with black.

To keep from looking drab or a blob of black fabric, black-on-black outfits should be paired with colorful accessories (hats, belts, jewelry, bags, etc. – pick one), paired with a bright, white pair of sneakers to be made casual, or paired with a pair of strappy heels for a night out. It’s never boring when done right and always matches the occasion. Anyone can easily pull off an all-black outfit by selecting the right pieces.

Black goes well on every body type too. It can be worn to highlight the assets you love or camouflage the ones that are maybe showing last weekend’s indulgences. There’s a reason that every woman has that perfect, little, black dress hanging in her closet. Like I said – black is slimming!

Just like the little, black dress, black tops and pants are must-have staples for every closet too. Wearing black from top to bottom gives you room for an expression of your personality through your shoes and/or accessories. Who doesn’t love the perfect black crop top or favorite black hoodie with a great pair of black leggings? Paired with a bright pair of sneakers and you have an outfit ready for anything. Or how about accessorizing that perfect, little, black dress with a statement necklace? Or maybe accessorizing those black jeans and black shirt with a designer belt? Maybe throw on black from head to toe then add a camo jacket? Show your personality through the pieces you choose while keeping the top and bottom simple and classic – i.e., black.

And the all-black look isn’t just for females. Wearing an all-black outfit makes a statement for both the masculine and the feminine. It’s never boring when done right and always matches the occasion. Anyone can easily pull off an all-black outfit by selecting the right pieces for their body type and occasion. So yes men, you too are encouraged to go for it! Black-on-black catches the eyes of everyone.

Once mastered, wearing black-on-black becomes one’s outfit of choice because they’ve mastered the ability to showcase their strong silhouette with minimal effort. Below are a few ideas to help piece together the right black-on-black outfit.

  • Pick pieces of the same fabric to look pulled together – think a classic black business suit for that dream job interview;
  • Pair black jeans with a black sweater to keep it casual and classy – think your next dinner date;
  • Opt for black leggings with a black tank showcasing a bright sports bra underneath – think your favorite fitness class;
  • Wear the little, black dress to stay classy (and don’t forget a great pair of eye-catching heels) – think rooftop drinks with someone to impress;
  • Try leather pants paired with a textured top to create contrast – think a night out with friends;
  • Throw on a black jacket (leather, denim, trench, or bomber) with a black tee and black pants – think a laid-back look for whatever the day may bring

For all the above reasons, black is my favorite color to wear!


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