Above all else, I care about how I feel. Caring about how I feel allows me to choose. I get to choose the words I use, the thoughts I think, the actions I take, and the people I share my time and space with.

I do not believe that all good things must come to an end, but some do. And when the end is near, you’ll know. You’ll feel different, something’s off, things aren’t the same. This sometimes takes time or can be an immediate feeling or choice. But you’ll know when it’s the end. When it’s time to release.

The connection while strong wasn’t as strong as it once was or as strong as I needed it to be. At times, conversation was a struggle and quality time together sparse. I knew our energies were no longer aligning and it was time to release. And even though I knew, it still took time before I really knew. But as soon as I did, I was ready for the release. In that moment of clarity, I wanted nothing more than to rid myself of this situation that was no longer serving me. My personal peace was starting to be disturbed and that’s how I knew. I care too much about how I feel to allow it to continue. This was no longer something I desired. And I knew holding onto it was taking up time and space and blocking that which I do desire from coming into my life.

I was beginning to feel empty and as if I was allowing history to repeat itself. I was taxed mentally and emotionally. Tired of talking about it, stressed on trying, and way over thinking. I was drained and physically starting to feel the effects. I was no longer being provided personal growth – or was I? In the beginning, I did grow. I grew to trust myself a little more, to put myself out there, and to have hope. In return, I experienced a situation that brought happiness. But as time progressed, it became clear the situation was not all I desired for myself and so came the release. Which I also feel brought personal growth. From the release, I was able to gain a sense of satisfaction. I felt like I rewarded myself by making the decision to say Thanks, but No Thanks. I made space for something that will better serve me to come into my life by releasing that which was no longer serving me.

Life was giving me the push I needed to release. Life was sending me the signs and guiding me towards the right choice, but it wasn’t until I took inventory of how I was feeling to know it was time. There was a fear holding me back. But when my feelings become stronger than that fear, then I knew it was time to act.

It’s the fear of the unknown that often prevents us from releasing. Holding onto something that’s familiar is easy; its comfortable. You have grown accustomed to it and oftentimes have attachments. We have a fear that person or situation is irreplaceable, we might never get another opportunity, that nothing better exists, or we are destinated to settle. But facing that fear by stepping into the unknown is where the growth happens. And it can be as simple as saying Thanks, but No Thanks that signifies you are ready and not allowing the fear to control you. The action of release signifies the person or situation wasn’t right and opens the door to something that is. With my release, I’m now open and receptive again and trust the Universe will deliver again when the time is right.

The Angel of Release – I AM releasing anything that is no longer useful and purposeful.


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