What is an affirmation? Up until five years ago, I had no clue. And never did I imagine I’d be sitting here writing a blog post about them. In the middle of a meltdown, a friend says, you really need to start practicing affirmations. Having no clue what she meant, I turned to Google – what is an affirmation? And I found, an affirmation is usually a sentence of powerful words put together, like a positive statement. And this sentence is aimed to tap into your conscious and unconscious mind to motivate you, to challenge you, to push you to reach your full potential in life.

Since that day, I have grown to love incorporating affirmations into my daily life. By repeating an affirmation in my mind, I am able to overcome obstacles, see circumstances with a different perspective, and gain light in what may have been an otherwise dark day. Affirmations have become my own internal support system. I use them as a way to encourage myself and to manifest greatness into my life. If only I knew then what I know now…

Affirmations are short, positive statements. But most importantly, they are your own. Each persons’ affirmations are created unique to their own desires and the areas of their life they wish to see improvement.

Affirmations can be used by being said aloud, written in a journal, written and posted in a visible location (i.e. mirror, phone wallpaper, refrigerator, etc.), or silently repeated in your mind. It doesn’t matter how you do it – just that you do. Also, you must be present when you affirm. And you must affirm with absolute faith and positivity. Reminder there is no half-assing anything (😉).

Incorporate affirmations into your daily life to motivate, inspire, and encourage you. Having a few go-to affirmations that you use frequently helps propel you towards realization of all your hopes (or to simply start your day off in the right direction). Below is a list of a few affirmations to help get you started thinking positively. Start incorporating just a few into your day today and watch your affirmations become your reality.

  • My thoughts become my reality.
  • I am grateful for all that I have.
  • I will be kind to myself and others today.
  • I am becoming more confident every day.
  • I am talented and intelligent.
  • I am loveable.
  • Today is going to be a great day.
  • Everything is always working out for me.
  • I am proud of myself and all that I have accomplished.
  • I am enough.
  • Positivity is a choice and I choose to be positive.
  • I choose faith over fear.
  • I am brave and strong.
  • Every day is a fresh start.
  • I am happy and healthy.

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