The Power of the Pen

I started Real-Life-Talk (Real Life Talk – Lifestyle without Barriers ( as a form of self-expression; an outlet of the many thoughts swirling around my mind, and to tell the tales of life. In a time when the world was changing as fast as the minutes were ticking away and we were all isolated in our own little worlds, I awoke one morning and decided today is the day. And from that, Real-Life-Talk was born! But what has transpired since that one random morning is so much more than I ever could have anticipated.

When I started this blog, I thought to myself, if only one person can find meaning in a post or if just one person connects to the words I’m sharing, then I’ve made the right decision. But it’s been so much more. It’s been an outpouring of love and support from so many. Many of my loyal followers have connected to the words I’ve shared and found meaning to many of my posts. Each in their individual way and that is perfect! I love getting your feedback and knowing something I have shared has touched you.

We live in a world so disconnected from human emotion that we forget we are all here together. We are all giving it the best we have day after day. But we all have days that we feel our best isn’t enough. We feel alone. We feel separate and/or different from others. We feel afraid or like the walls around us are closing in. Not everyone has a friend to turn to or a family member to call. And so, they Google their feelings and find meaning in the words written by strangers just as I am in blogs just as this. They want to know others feel the same. They find peace in knowing they aren’t alone. They validate their feelings by what they read online. Blogging has become a means to connecting us. And I’m so grateful to know I am making a small contribution through the words of Real-Life-Talk.  

I didn’t start this blog to grow a following or gain ad revenue. And it was never meant to be a platform to showcase my writing skills. Instead, it was intended to shine light on the topics that connect us. And boy has it ever! But it’s also transpired into more than I ever could have imagined regarding my personal growth and healing.

Real-Life-Talk has become my online journal. It’s become a place where I am comfortable sharing my personal life with complete strangers in hopes that just one may be able to relate. It’s become my emotional outlet, a channel for me to shed light on feelings that have been in the dark (for a very long time). Through blogging, I’ve found a healing channel. A way for me to better understand my feelings while giving a sense of release at the same time. For someone who chooses to live an otherwise private life, the power the pen has given me is priceless. It’s like a superpower, I didn’t even realize I needed. In a way, it’s become a form of therapy for me. Writing clears my mind, rids the fear, and brings my emotions in control. I see it as a form of self-reflection. And it’s also now a hobby. I crave the quiet moments where I can soak in the sun with my journal and pen (yes, I still write on paper) and have a cup of coffee (or wine) nearby.

Sharing highly personal topics on a highly public space has given me a senses of pride and freedom I’ve never felt before. I’ve learned how to best articulate my thoughts in a format others can relate to and keeps them coming back for more. I’ve found a community of like-minded individuals. And to those who know me personally, I’ve found a way to connect with them on a deeper, more fundamental level. I love finding topics to express myself and share with you. And I love hearing when I’ve found one that touches your life too.

Thank you to my loyal followers and Welcome to those of you new here. Either you’re here to read my latest love note, hear my greatest confession, learn a little more about self-care, take the first steps of your fitness journey, or to bake a new dessert, whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. You’ve found Real-Life-Talk and I’m so happy you did. We are all here together – trying to make sense of this crazy world and build connections one post at a time.


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