The Simple Things

She said, I don’t want a model
I don’t want a movie star
You don’t have to win the lotto
I want you to win my heart

She said, I just want someone true
She said, I just want someone to
smoke with me babe
and lay with me babe
and laugh with me babe
I just want the simple things
                              ~ Simplethings Song by Miguel (Miguel – Simplethings (Official Video) – YouTube)

In a world that exposes us to advertisements approximately 6,000-10,000 times per day, accepting your everyday norm becomes a challenge. Everyone always wants more. They want the things they see flashed in front of their face through social media and television, or the favorite things promoted by the celebrities they follow. They want the best of everything, the latest and greatest technology, the fastest car, the biggest home, the fittest body, and the sexiest significant other. They want the things social media and television projects as the things they need to have to have a happy life. And most will do whatever it takes to have them. But none of that is real life. It’s there to sell you. It creates chaos and confusion in your life. This is the opposite of the simple things.

Endlessly striving for the things one thinks they need to be happy makes life complicated. But life isn’t intended to be lived that way. We make it hard by wanting more (or bigger or better) than what we are provided for in the present moment. We have no one to blame but ourselves if complaining our life is difficult or overwhelming (or underwhelming). Life is intended to be simple. Yes, we all face rough times and have times when we feel like we’re drowning, but that is not what I am referring to. I’m referring to the materialistic possessions we all think we need for happiness.

It’s amazing to have hopes and dreams, set goals, and it’s good to be picky. Everyone should always be striving for something, and no one should ever settle for less than they desire, but finding happiness with the things you do have is where balance is found. And that’s how the simple things are found. It’s not about owning the latest iPhone, hitting your PR day after day, or wearing the designer outfit recently promoted on TikTok.

But what does simple look like? It’s time together at home being your silly selves. It’s the rainy days spent cuddled on the couch. It’s Sundays spent watching football. It’s sharing coffee on the weekends and cooking dinner during the week. It’s taking a walk and sharing the details of your day with a loved one. It’s finding the simple joy of spending time together and creating memories in whatever you may be doing and the things you may have. Having and appreciating these moments is when life becomes simple.

The journey is always a summary of wanting the simple things. But time and time again we go down a long and complicated road in pursuit. Many correlate being busy to being important, but all the chaos a busy life brings isn’t for me. I’ve noticed the more I crave the simple things, the easier life gets. The vibes of a simple life are when I am the happiest. I love relaxing in a moment with the one I choosing to share that moment with. I love falling asleep each night grateful for the simple things that I do have and those that are coming to me.

For me, I just want the simple things – And I just want you…


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