You see through me…

You let me win, you let me ride
You let me rock, you let me slide
And when they lookin’, you let me hide
Defend my honor, protect my pride
The good advice, I always hated
But lookin’ back, it made me greater
You always told me to forget the haters
Just get my money, just get my weight up
Know when I’m lyin’, know when I’m cryin’
It’s like you got it down to a science
Why am I tryin’? Know you ain’t buyin’
I tried to fight back with defiance
You make me laugh…
                                             – Right Thru Me, Nicki Minaj

How do you do it? You really do have it down to a science! I merely think of you, and you appear. I think it and you make it happen. I feel it and you do too. I see it and you manifest it for me. I feel your energy and you feel mine. At times it seems we are operating on the exact frequency. It’s something unexplainable but makes perfect sense. You see right through me! And you do it every single time!

You allow me to be me. You want me to do things just as I want to do them. You make life complex. You build me up. You hold me high, while making sure my feet stay firmly planted. You’re the first to call my bluff but always the first in line to celebrate my success. You know my intentions. You know my loves. You see my fears. You bring the laughs and hear the cries. You know how to shake me up, tear me apart and then make me whole again. You know the true meanings of my words. And at times you know my thoughts before they even become my words. You speak my language even when we have no words. You understand my true self. You see me as complete just as I am. You know the depths of my love. You love me!

You have an uncanny way of penetrating the truth from the grips of my lips. There’s never been another that has your superpowers. No one has ever seen me the way you do. Not sure how out of all the people in this world, we found one another but thank goodness we did. The connection we share was immediate; a draw so strong neither of us could deny or had time to question. You were the stranger my heart knew. You found me without looking. You have the sight to all of me. You have the peephole to my soul.

I try to hide so much. I try to say it’s enough. I try to say I’m ok, but you know better. You know it’s not enough. You know I’m not ok. You know exactly what I want and need. You know the truth before I do. And you’re right every time (and I hate that you are right). It wasn’t enough – I wanted more – I wanted it all. I’m not ok – This is hard – This is really hard.

But just as you see through me – I see through you.


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