Take a Chance…

on me. Can’t you just give in? Can’t you just this once allow all your walls to fall and collapse into the possibility that something wonderful can happen? Will you give yourself permission to act with temporary foolishness and fall for someone who loves you unconditionally? Will you allow yourself to love me with everything you have?

I’m not naive to think there’s nothing standing in our way. I know the timings never going to be right, the distance might never lessen, and the stars could never align. But I know some things are meant to be. I know risks are meant to be worth it. I know bets are meant to be made. And I know chances are meant to be taken. I’m a believer.

The sun rising on the new year brought new light. A light I was ready to step into. The years of fear had been building for this one moment. The moment where I let you see all of me. Supercharged from the sun’s energy and the peaceful start to my new year, I knew it was now or never. If there’s any place on earth that brings me clarity and gives me courage, it’s here, staring out into the endless deep, dark waters. The same waters that once brought us near.

With my intentions set and day one of the new year coming to a close, I took my chance. My thoughts turned into words were years in the making. But finally, I had accepted all that was in front me and felt ready for what is to come. Open to the wonders the 364 days that lay ahead will bring, there was just one thing that needed done. One very BIG thing. I couldn’t hold it in for one minute more. I feared if the clock turned a new day, it would be another year of longing, wondering, and wishing. So, it had to be now. My words had to be expressed before the clock struck midnight. I couldn’t sleep one more night until my heart spoke. I was ready.

At 11:59 pm, I spoke from my heart, and you listened with yours. For years, I wanted you to know and now you knew. While somethings are best left unsaid and just implied, the message sent was pure and beautiful. It’s out there – you now know, and my life can move forward in whatever direction it is meant to. Whatever will be will be. I feel free!

The whole point of this journey is to love and for me, it’s you. We aren’t promised tomorrow, but I can give you today. I don’t want to only remember how it feels the minute your lips touch mine, remise of our bodies intwined, have to replay the moments our eyes lock from across the room, or linger in the memories of our laughter. I want you to take a chance on me.

I can offer you all of me in this moment where I am open and ready. Where I love you. And I hope that is enough. We will figure out the rest together. This only has to work just this once for us.

It’s ok to take a chance on me. Because in the end this is all going to fall into place exactly how it’s meant to. It will end well – it will all be worth it. But first, it must start by you taking a chance on me. I need you to give into yourself and to give into me. I hide my hope in you no matter what comes next for us.

I’m taking a chance on you. Will you take a chance on me?


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