The Crown of A Queen

If all of the kings had their queens on the throne
We would pop champagne and raise a toast
To all of the queens who are fighting alone
Baby, you’re not dancin’ on our own
                                                            ~ Kings & Queens, Ava Max

This is quite the female empowerment anthem. And a beautiful reminder to all the men out there to champion all the Queens in their lives. But it is also a reminder for all the females to champion their fellow Queens. And a reminder for us Queens to be our own champion as well.

To all my fellow Queens, it’s time to reclaim your throne! Take your seat on that ceremonial decorated chair proudly. Be the ruler of your own life – rule your life with power and pride. It’s time to adjust your crown. And it’s time straighten the crown of another. It doesn’t need to be a big show of emotion or an act for all to see, reclaiming your throne, adjusting your crown, or straightening the crown of another are silent actions. The power of your reign is held in the ways in which you carry yourself.

Being a Queen is being the one that stands tall when the rest of the world slumps. It’s keeping your chin up to ensure your crown doesn’t slip. It’s doing everything possible in the face of adversity to keep your crown straight and in position. It’s not dropping your focus or forgetting your intent for even a minute. It’s keeping your head held high when things don’t fall into place to ensure your crown doesn’t fall or even tilt. It’s remaining grounded and firm in our faith when we are overlooked or taken for granted. It’s keeping our crowns firmly planted where they belong, high on our heads. And it’s ensuring that no Queen stands alone – ever!

Queens are not damsels in distress. We do not need solved or rescued. We do not lack physical strength. We are not emotional beings, nor do we become unhinged. Instead, we are humans with feelings of all is possible. We believe in one another. We believe in happily ever after. And we believe in ourselves.

Queens come from a place of love (always). We know what we want and are not afraid to go after it. Queens take responsibility for their feelings, set strong boundaries, are honest and direct. We find it freeing and empowering to say “No – Thank You.” Queens exude confidence and assurance. We admire ourselves and our fellow Queens because we understand what it takes to thrive. Queens help others find their beauty, see their worth, and become the Queen of their own lives too. And we love fiercely.

All Queens are vested with the power to rule. But we Queens are the ruler of our own lives. We like our lives to be enhanced by another but not ruled by anyone other than ourselves. We are strong and independent. We know when to ask for help, but we are good on our own.

The jewels of our crowns signify the details of our honor. We’ve earned each of them. Our crown jewels represent the moments of our life. They represent the moments that shape us. The good – the bad, the pretty – the ugly, the happy – the sad, and everything in between. These jewels define the Queens we are – beautiful, unique, and always shining bright. That’s why we wear them proudly atop our heads.  

It’s good to be a Queen amongst the Queens!


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