Flying High

Being above the clouds is sort of surreal if you take the time to appreciate the view. If you can ignore the snores from the man behind you, the crying baby next to you, or the clanging and banging the flight attendants insist on doing, it is peaceful up here. The sky is clear – nothing but fluffy, white clouds and bright, blue skies as far as the eye can see. This must be what floating feels like.

I am not usually awake on flights to enjoy the beauty but for all the above reasons, sleep is impossible on this flight. And somehow, I am finding it peaceful. Maybe I am balanced after a whirlwind start to 2023, maybe it is from pure exhaustion, or maybe it is from the embarrassing large amount of caffeine I have already consumed today. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. I am enjoying my time flying high today.

Being in the clouds brings a sense of calm and tranquility that often can’t be found on the ground. Being in the sky, you’re forced to focus on yourself, to keep yourself entertained, and if you’re capable of handling it perhaps self-reflect a little. Sitting for hours with nowhere to be, no calls to return, or emails to send, gives you a great opportunity to give yourself some self-care. Read that book that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand, order a chardonnay, put in your headphones and zen out, or order that overly priced snack box and continue your most recent Netflix binge. Or like I usually do – simply take a nap! This time is your time to do as you please. Leave the phone in airplane mode and rest while you can. Whatever you choose to do, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

The sky’s the limit when you’re flying high. Give yourself this time and space to zen out. Enjoy the view and allow your mind to wonder to all that is possible. Our world is a beautiful place and when high above you get to see the many wonders. The endless ocean displaying the most beautiful shades of blues and greens (hello Ft. Lauderdale), the way the river seems to evenly divide the land as it zigs and zags its way along, the city that appears out of vast darkness (hello Chicago), or the field where the farmer has his crops laid out in perfect lines as if he used a ruler to do so. From the ground you miss it. But from the sky, you get a bird’s eye view of our beautiful land and sea. There are so many views to appreciate when flying high.

Try not get caught up in the stress of traveling. After you get to the airport, the rest is easy. Make it enjoyable! You’re not in control (the pilot is). Your only job is to sit back and relax. And if you were paying attention, I can guarantee the pilot told you the same thing shortly before takeoff.

View your flight as more than just a mode of transportation getting you from point A to point B. See it as an escape from all you left on the ground and all that awaits your arrival. And please whatever you decide to do with your time in the air, don’t ruin it for those around you. We are all crammed in here together for the next couple of hours so let’s try to be respectful and kind. Don’t be “that guy.” And for the love of all – use headphones!

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Flying High!


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