Vitamin Sea

As far as the eye can see, the sea holds unlimited potential, stirs a sense of mystery, and is the definition of intrinsic beauty. This vast body of water is grounding. It’s a place where two worlds collide. And it’s everyone’s favorite vacation destination. But why? Why is a beach vacation considered to be the best type of vacation? Sure, it’s an escape from the stressors of everyday life. But all vacations are. What makes the beach different? What makes it so peaceful and relaxing?

For me, the answer is simple. I was born this way. As an Aquarius, it’s innate to be drawn to the sea. But for those who are not of the water sign, do you wonder why you are so drawn to the ocean? Why are you always a better version of yourself during your days spent at the beach?

The reason is more than because it’s always been the place where we expect to find relaxation because we always have. There’s actually science backing the fact, time spent at the ocean’s edge is therapeutic. According to science, the surf and sand does the mind and body good. It nurtures our wellbeing. In other words, it’s proven to be the place where we naturally become Zen AF. Spending time at the beach teaches us mindfulness in many ways while boosting our moods. It puts our lives into perspective.

The Sights
Colors of the Sea – The sea holds wonder and beauty. Simply staring out into the vastness of the ocean can put us into a mediative state. Compound the view with the various shades of blue and green the ocean reflects, and we become calm, peaceful, and refreshed. Blue is the color of the mind. It’s naturally serene, mentally calming, and credited with boosting creativity. Strong shades of blue can stimulate clear thoughts while softer shades will calm the mind and assist with concentration. Our brains become more balanced at the sight of blue. Green is the color most credited for evoking feelings of abundance in us and associated with providing a sense of rest and security. With shades of blue and green on full display when taking in the sight of the sea, it’s no wonder we naturally feel at ease with life.

Sunrises & Sunsets – Awakening with the sun to watch the first rays of the morning sun reflect off the sea is magical. The sun provides Vitamin D to our bodies, balances our circadian rhythm, and instills a positive vibe sure to boost our mood. Just as beneficial as a sunrise is a sunset. Watching the sun slowly set below the horizon, naturally reduces stress, and gives our minds and bodies permission to relax. Ending a beach day gazing out into the sea allows us to slow down to appreciate the beauty of nature.

The Sounds
Crashing Waves – Listening to the waves crashing onto the shore over and over again is calming and soothing. So much so, it will likely cause us to nod off for a nap. Closing our eyes and listening to the ebb and flow of the rolling waves while lying under an umbrella takes us to a state of mindfulness naturally. The rhythm activates a portion of our nervous system responsible for relaxation by de-stimulating the brain. To put it simply, listening to the ocean waves alters our brain waves.

The Smells
Salty Air – Breathing in the salty air has boosting effects on our minds and detoxifying effects on our bodies. According to Dr. Natasha Bijlani, “ocean air is generally cleaner and fresher, with higher levels of oxygen, which can improve sleep.” With extended exposure, the negative ions of a beach breeze can improve the quality of our lives.

The Feels
Sand – Ahhh…all that sand!! It gives us all the feels! The sensation of walking barefoot in the sand awakens our senses and puts us in a state of relaxation. The simple act of wiggling warm sand between our toes or sifting it through our fingertips takes our minds back to the days of building sandcastles.

Sunrays – Sun exposure provides our bodies with vitamin D in its most natural state; directly from the source itself. The sun provides our bodies with warmth while increasing our energy and uplifting our mood. Soaking in the sun (in a healthy dose) provides our minds and bodies with immediate and tangible benefits that last long after our beach vacation has ended.  

Salt Water – Immersing ourselves in the salty water is grounding and makes our bodies (and hair) look and feel amazing. Ocean water is stimulating, refreshing, and contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and selenium; all minerals known for nourishing and healing our bodies.

The next time you find yourself at the ocean’s edge, imprint the breath-taking view in your mind, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and open your senses. Allow the sights, sounds, smells, and feels of the sea to nourish your mind and body. Vitamin Sea really is the best vitamin.


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