The Beauty of Becoming

If I were to write a post to a younger Jess, what would I say? While I don’t quite know the answer to that question…yet…, I do know the advice I’d give her.

Becoming the person, you are meant to be is going to be a beautiful process. You can’t imagine the places you’ll go, the experiences you’ll have, or the people you’ll meet. The process won’t be all rays of sunshine and at times, you’re going to need an umbrella to weather the storms, but the rainbow will always come. I would tell her to not waste a day in distress, trying to control, planning the future, or dreaming of more to come. I would reassure her there is nothing she needs to do because it’s all already on its way. I would encourage her to be tone deaf to the haters while keeping her head and heart open. I would teach her how to say goodbye to those that want to leave because better, stronger, and more positive influences will soon be welcomed. I would assure her she will be surrounded by love from individuals who will enrich her life in ways she didn’t even know were possible. I would explain how to not care about the details, because the big picture is grander than she could ever dream. I would remind her, to be true to herself in every moment. She has no one to impress and nothing to prove. Her confidence will grow as she grows, and her life evolves. One day she’ll wake up realizing her presence and strength speaks volumes before she says any words. I would urge her to live with no regrets and to never look back because the present is where the magic happens. And lastly, I would ensure she knew just how much beauty is in store for her as she becomes the person she is meant to be.

Life is growth. Even if you make plans, you’re never really ready. You’re never ready for it because it’s growth. Growth is new. Life is constantly evolving and expanding. It’s ever-changing and always new. Everything is always becoming new again. We are always becoming a newer version of ourselves as we evolve.

There is so much beauty in the process of becoming the person we are meant to become if we step back to allow and appreciate the process. At times becoming may not feel or look beautiful, but it is. The end is always beautiful. It’s the middle that may feel uneasy or appear murky. Getting to become the person you are meant to be is a process. And those times in the middle are all a part of that process. It’s only in the moment that they may appear unsettling but that’s because we are judging them as bad or fearing the unknown. Once the judgement is dropped or the fear is forgotten, life becomes beautiful. When we allow our life path to be revealed rather than trying to control it, all the experiences and people meant for us will flow to us. There are no decisions to make. The next step meant for you will appear. And it will be right on time; it’s never a minute late or a second too soon.

As time moves forward, life begins to take shape. As events unfold, we realize we are exactly where we are meant to be, experiencing the things meant for us. As we meet new people, we realize we are meeting the people that are supposed to be in our lives. They come into our lives to enrich us and provide us with novel experiences and opportunities. As we grow, we are becoming ourselves; getting to know and love ourselves all along the way.

Just as beautiful as it has been becoming the person you are today; it will be even more beautiful becoming the new version of you tomorrow. There are so many experiences you have yet to discover and so many people you have yet to love. Embrace the beauty of becoming who you are meant to be.


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